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IQ Overlay System Kit


Product Information

Natural look & Soak off formula!

This Gel System Kit is perfect for natural look lovers. It strengthens and highlights natural nail and helps it to grow without breaking. No more nail tips and nail forms! Perfect for both fingernails and toenails.

IQ Intelligent UV Strengthener is a soak off thin gel used for overlays where no nail tips or nail forms are required. This gel is flexible and features superb adhesion and shine. Great for both fingernails and toenails. Its thin consistency makes for a very easy brush on application. Soak off formula of this gel secures minimal damage to the natural nail! Clear in colour.

  • IQ Intelligent UV Strengthener 15ml
  • NO ACID Primer 15ml
  • Soak Off Top Coat 15ml
  • Nailery Swarovski Gel Brush #6 Round
  • Nailery 007 Bonding Agent 15ml
  • BIG GREY buffer
  • SMART file
  • Reusable bag with zipper
  • How to use DVD

value of products $131

Product Code: IQK040