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Jet Set Cure Crystal 36W LED Lamp - Pink

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Product Information

Designed especially for our range of G-Polish and Gel Systems, Jet Set Cure Crystal ensures a flawless, consistent curing result each and every time! The precisely constructed five finger, motion activated Jet Set Cure Crystal Lamp is calibrated for expert performance.
It is designed for fast, proficient gel curing. Features powerful 36W CCFL 12W + 24W LED technology, utilising the best quality LED chips available. These high quality LED diodes have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, which means they never need to be replaced. These diodes also provide significantly faster and safer curing experience, protecting you from prolonged exposure to UV light by focusing on the narrow-band LED illumination, the same light spectrum used by dermatologists for phototherapy.

Less is more!

Nailery Jet Set Cure Crystal lamps are energy-efficient and while using less power, they produce more light required for curing.

Equipped with three timer buttons for 10, 30 and 60 seconds, curing gel and gel polish has never been easier. Thanks to easily removable mirrored base, Jet Set Cure Crystal is also perfect for pedicure and cleaning the lamp is a piece of cake! As if this wasn’t enough, the lamp also features a sensor which activates the light the moment a hand/foot is placed inside. Available in White, Pink and Rose Champagne.

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