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Stripping Tape - Gold


Product Information

Adding beautiful lines always adds to a design, by using stiping tape this can be achived quickly and effectively, while adding fantastic colour and vibrancy to your nails. They come in many colours.

How To Use

  • paint your nails with 1-2 coats of nail polish and allow drying time
  • while your polish is still wet, cut off the required amount of striping tape for your design. (do not stretch tape as it will cause it to curl and lift, just let it lay flat)
  • lay tape across your nail, extending past the base of the nail into the finger, then cut off any excess
  • at the front edge cut just short of the free edge of your nail, this will stop it  lifting and peeling
  • repeat until your design is complete
  • seal your design with 1-2 coats of top coat and allow to completely dry

Product Code: ST/Gold