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NEW! Nailery JD6500 3in1 Electric Nail Drill, Dust Extractor & DUAL LED Lamp


Product Information

We now offer the 3in1 JD6500 Drill in a DUAL LED option, which will cure ALL gels (UV gels, LED gels, all builder gels) using the latest LED technology

Save all the valuable space on your manicure table with our NEW 3 in 1 Manicure Drill! Modern design looks great in any salon!

Nailery JD6500 is a premium quality electric filing machine + dust extractor + Dual LED lamp designed, specifically for any professional nail technician.



Speed adjustable 0-30,000rpm.

Electric power 85W

Forward or reverse directions

Twist-n-lock chuck for rapid bit change (requires no tools)

4pcs drill bits (fits all standard 3/32" bits)

3 x Nailery Dual LED Tube - the latest technology in nail curing!

Ergonomic hand piece designed for comfort

Body of the drill offers a comfortable arm rest for your client

The dust extractor has a powerful suction and creates a much healthier and cleaner environment for you and your client


Nailery Dual LED Tubes use the latest patented technology of double LED source combining 365nM and 405nM wavelengths, which allows them to cure both UV sensitive and LED sensitive gels and builders, using wholly and solely LED light only.

Gel polish cures glossier and with long lasting shine.

Always cures into a crisp true colour, never resulting in yellowing of the gel.

Product Code: EDLED