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SUNone Nail Dual LED Lamp

AU$200.00 AU$99.90

Product Information

Nailery SunOne is not just an ordinary nail lamp.
SunOne uses the latest patented technology of dual light source combining 365nM and 405nM
wavelengths into one LED curing lamp. This makes SunOne a revolutionary device in gel curing technology. It is the first wholly LED lamp that can safely cure both UV sensitive gels as well as LED sensitive ones.

The light of SunOne is white, as opposed to the regular LED lamps which give out purple light. White light is a lot more pleasant and much safer on both eyes and skin.
SunOne curing time is blistering quick, curing as fast as 5 seconds.
SunOne cures into a crisp true colour, never results in yellowing of the gel, deepens the glossiness and secures long lasting shine.

Product Code: SUNONE