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Nailery Australia

Crystal Acrylic 3D Sculpting Brush #8

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Finest quality Acrylic Kolinsky 3D Sculpting Brush with a perfectly balanced handle made of real crystals, size #8

Kolinsky Sable brushes are made using the hair of a special long-tailed weasel found in the geographical region of Siberia. Kolinsky Brushes are considered to be the best when compared with other natural and artificial sable brushes and those who have used these Kolinsky Sable brushes claim it to be a lot more stronger, slender and resilient when compared with other sable brushes.

Nailery Crystal Acrylic Brush has exceptionally soft hair that hugs closely together to a crisp point which is maintained during use. The body of this brush is flatter than a classic round brush and therefore ideal for 3D sculpting.

The crisp point not only helps to produce a consistent liquid to powder ratio, but also gives you an amazing and effortless flow control, creating a wonderfully smooth acrylic nail.