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Manicure Table Lamp - LED

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Manicure Table Lamp - LED

  • LED lamp that delivers the perfect amount of light for all services.
  • Adjustable and easily moves sideways and up and down.
  • Super bright and manoeuvrable - with 43 bright and long lasting bulbs.
  • Light is 15 inches long and the lamp is 30 inches tall.
  • Takes zero space on your work place as it comes with a clamp that fastens on to any table with an edge. With less clutter on the table and more workspace for you it also means a cleaner and more presentable area for your clients!
  • Easy on your eyes! Gives off light very similar to bright daylight and keeps your eyes feeling relaxed and fresh while working on the nails of your clients during the day and evening.

Three adjustable joints

On/Off button on arm

220V-240V  4W

Measurements - Head L: 35cm W: 6cm - Arm attached to the base 43cm - Arm attached to the head 32cm